Kitty’s Gorge Walk

bushwalking Perth

Distance: Approx 7kms one way or 14km return.
Where: Serpentine. About a 1-hour drive from Perth.
Time: 2 hours one way. 5 hours return.
Difficulty: Moderate. A few steep bits, here and there.
Stuff you’ll need: Hat, sunscreen, snacks, water (2L minimum), sturdy enclosed shoes.

Why Do This

Kitty’s Gorge Trail is a bushwalk that ticks all the boxes.
You want beautiful valley and treetop views? You got it.
An abandoned heritage building to peek through? Sure thing.
An amazing natural pool complete with running waterfall to swim in. Done.
The best part is that these are just the things you’re guaranteed to see regardless of weather, time of day or season. In fact, it’s highly likely you’ll get to see a whole a lot more; starting with native wildlife.

West Australian frog

One of the many little frogs we spotted in the mud.

While walking, we saw a whole range of native birds including black tailed cockatoos, robins and blue wrens, but the list doesn’t stop there. In the dry creek beds, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the hundreds of little frogs hopping out from the cracks in the mud. Circling above, electric blue dragonflies and orange butterflies floated from flower to flower. In the scrub, we came across a pair of wild pigs.
Yes, wild pigs. And yes, it was awesome while being simultaneously terrifying.

Adult wild pigs are huge and can be dangerous. Thankfully, the ones we saw were small and just as scared of us, as we were of them. Encountering a wild pig is rare, so don’t let the thought of them deter you from checking out this excellent trail. If you do spot one, just move away quietly and slowly, instead of screaming and running, which is what I did.

Enough about animals, let’s move on to that amazing natural pool I mentioned – Serpentine Falls. Fed by a waterfall and wide enough to do laps in, this beautiful turquoise pool is located at the end of the one-way Kitty Gorge Trail, making it the perfect place to cool off after a long walk.

bushwalk perth

The beautiful Serpentine Falls

bushwalks perth

A gigantic grasstree we spotted on the trail. These grow 1cm a year, so this one is nearly 500 years old!

Let me explain what I mean by one-way trail. As the Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail leads to a single point and then back again, you choose to do a one-way or return trip. If you’re a bushwalk beginner, I’d recommend you make Serpentine Falls your endpoint and only do the one-way Kitty’s Gorge walk. You get to see all the sites, plus you finish with a refreshing swim. The only catch is that you’ll need to bring two cars. You need to park one car at the Serpentine Falls carpark, and then drive the other car up to the start of the Kitty’s Gorge trail, about 15km away opposite Jarrahdale cemetery.

If you want to do the return walk or only have one car, just turn back when you reach Serpentine Falls and follow the trail back to the start. Whether you choose to do the one-way or the return walk, the Kitty’s Gorge Trail is one of Perth’s must-do nature experiences.

Map & Directions 

One way trail: Park one car at Serpentine Car Park.
Park the other at the carpark opposite the Jarrahdale cemetery. The trail begins here.
Note: the Serpentine Falls car park shuts at 5:00pm, so make sure you finish the walk before then.
Return trail: Park at the carpark opposite the Jarrahdale cemetery. The trail begins here.

The Kitty’s Gorge Walk trail is very well marked. All you need to do is follow these green boot print signs and you’ll find you way without any hassles.

bushwalking perth

Follow these markers to keep on the right track.

There is one point early on in the trail that is confusing. You begin by walking downhill through dense trees. Soon enough you’ll reach an open clearing with gravel, a run down toilet block and not very obvious signage. Don’t stress, just walk on a diagonal to the left of the clearing and you’ll soon see the green boot print sign you’re looking for.