What is Nature Mondays?
Nature Mondays is a celebration of being outdoors.
It’s a mix of honest stories, reviews and rants about enjoying and exploring Western Australia’s natural environment. It’s a place where you can find bushwalks and bike rides to fill your weekend or read tips and tricks to make nature exploring even easier.

In fact, ease is a big part of Nature Mondays. The bushwalks and bike rides you’ll find on this blog are well within reach of everyone. You don’t need fancy gear. You don’t need expert knowledge. You just need a few free hours and a thirst for fresh air and adventure.

Why Nature Mondays? Why not Sundays or even Thursdays?
There are two reasons:
1. Nature Thursdays sounds kinda lame.
2. My boyfriend/adventure partner, Jarrad and I both have Mondays off, so that’s the day I do most of my outdoor exploring. Nature Monday has become a regular phrase in our conversation and a regular entry into my calendar.

Me on an early Nature Monday at Bluff Knoll.

Me on an early Nature Monday at Bluff Knoll.

Who are you?
My name is Bree and I’m the outdoor obsessive who makes Nature Mondays happen. When I’m not on my bike, out in the bush, or lying on the couch eating chocolate while I write this blog, I work as a freelance writer in Perth.